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Logbook Money Online is a lender and not a broker and we pride us by having over forty years of combined experience in auto financing. Due to this, we are the best placed to offer with the most reliable, affordable and flexible logbook loans in the United Kingdom.

Denied loans by banks due to bad credit score?
D on’t worry. Our doors are open to you. If you have ever visited a bank and you are turned away because of your credit scores, then you will understand how painful and embarrassing this could be. But you don’t have to beat yourself to death because the banks refused to give you loans. Logbook Money Online have been offering loans to people just like you who have poor credit rankings. We do not consider your credit scores because the loans you get from us will be secured against your car. You only therefore need to own a car and this together with a proof of regular source of income will be sufficient enough to make us consider you for the loan.
We consider all cases uniquely
We know that the people who come for our London logbook loans are faced with different financial situations. We therefore avoid the gross mistake of offering prepackaged loans to our customers. When you apply for our loans, we will discuss with you the loan details so that they fit well within your financial realms. We also discuss with you the most convenient repayment periods that won’t have any financial burden on you. This is so that we avoid the sad scenario where we might be forced to repossess your car in order to recover our money. It is our responsibility to ensure that you get just the right amount of loans you can manage.
Large pool of happy clients

IF you work with us, you will understand why we have a large pool of happy clients and we will also demonstrate to you with our services that we have all the intentions to make you one of our valued customers. WE are keen on ensuring your financial freedom and we won’t stop at anything until you get the money you need.

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Take advantage of the loans we are offering you so that you can have access to quick cash whenever you want to. When you apply for the loans from us, you stand to benefit a lot and some of the specific benefits that will be availed to you include-:

  • You get the best London logbook loans
  • Define your own means of repayment that suits your current financial position
  • Fixed rates in the sense that we won’t adjust the rates once you start to pay
  • A grace period of up to 60 days before you start to repay the loan
  • You keep driving your car as we retain the logbook
  • Faster and efficient application, processing and approval of the loans.
v5 loans

Therefore, contact us today and apply for our easy and accessible loans. Your money will be in the bank in just a few hours after the approval.